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Friday, October 31, 2008

Bond's Quantum of Solace hits Wexford first!

I’ve never been to a film premier before however the Irish Premier for the latest James Bond film “Quantum of Solace” was held last night in Wexford. Rosemary Hayes and Padraig Grant organised the show in support of Iceaid. The film was packed out and was well received. Security was tight, it reminded me of a councillors meeting in the Green Party. You were searched to make sure there were no recording devices! Such are the concerns at the possibility of piracy these days.
James Bond has always been a format of girls, action and gadgets and this one sort of strays from this format although I wouldn’t go so far as one critic who said Bond is dead. He’s down to 2 women and in a nod to the recessionary times we’re in, his credit card is withdrawn when he disobeys orders. Quantum of Solace almost sounds a modern parable for the relationship between Brian Cowen and Bertie Ahern. Bond has been betrayed at the death by his former side kick and as a result ends up cynical and not trusting anyone. All around him chaos follows as his popularity plummets with his bosses. If you close your eyes for a minute and remind yourself that our new Taoiseach is at present dealing with a banking crisis where sharks are short selling shares and cutting one another’s throats, you get the drift. Bond goes on a solo run seeking vengeance under the assumption that a philanthropist (Greene) has an interest in overthrowing a South American government for the purpose of accumulating oil only to discover that it’s really water that he covets. M makes the most interesting observation when she counsels Bond to trust neither friend or foe. At one stage M is called in to the Foreign Secretary who lays it on the line to her that Bond can not get in the way of dealing with any reprobate around the world. Along the way Bond steps over the bodies. Anyone with an interest in Irish politics will be naturally drawn to the latest bond flick. Perhaps the Green Party may take note.

Iceaid is a charity that does outstanding work in West Africa. It is a joint Irish Icelandic organisation that is run by Wexford man Padraig Grant and Glumur Balvinsson. It has been supported by the well known Wexford children’s writer Eoin Colfer. Iceaid is involved in vocational training in Liberia and also has other projects in Africa. Iceaid is chiefly a charity that addresses medical needs such as malaria and HIV Aids. They also have an orphanage in Monrovia, Liberia. Liberia suffered a long running and vicious civil war that left tens of thousands dead. Irish Army personnel are currently serving in the country and the former Wexford town priest and presently army chaplain Fr Pat Mernagh was back for the big night. The money raised in the premier will go directly to these projects. As Rosemary Hayes said before the film, “It’s gratifying to know that even when times are tough, people still find the money for those less fortunate.” Well said. Thanks a mil for a really enjoyable night. The pictures show some of the work that Iceaid carry out in Africa. More details can be got at

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