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Friday, November 21, 2008

A wider Park Lane will allow traffic flow better.

Park Lane, Wexford has only 2 houses on it but believe it or not it gets very busy. That’s because it leads to Parc Charman GAA grounds and Wexford Wanderers Rugby Club. I know this lane only too well as our children are often playing matches there. Both grounds make an enormous contribution to our town by nurturing a love sport among our young people. No value can be put on the voluntary work that the coaches do.
The clubs are hugely successful and attract many sportswomen and men. And there’s the problem. Because it is on the edge of town, most players are brought by car to matches and training. The lane is very narrow especially when you meet an SUV or a bus bringing the opposition. There’s hardly space for 2 cars to pass especially at the lower end near the main road. Parc Charman is home to 4 GAA clubs and when there’s GAA on as well as Rugby the lane can be choc a bloc. To ease the gridlock the rugby club at their own expense created passing bays. The surface of the lane is dreadful often breaking up with potholes a foot deep.
It’s now high time however that the road was widened. The junction on the Carcur Rd is the proposed site of a roundabout where the Carcur road will bisect a new road to run up towards the Newtown Road. At present traffic backlogs onto Carcur Rd exactly where the roundabout is located. Gridlock at this point is already a potential accident waiting to happen. Widening the lane will remove traffic off the road faster. Check out the video showing the drive down the lane to the Carcur Rd. Watch the camera jump when the car hits a pothole!

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