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Monday, February 16, 2009

Brendan O Carroll launches his political campaign

Right on que to promote his tour, funny man Brendan O’Carroll has said he intends to run in the next General Election in either Dublin Central or Dublin West. Brendan was given time on this morning’s Tubrudy Show to set out why he should be elected. He says he’s been courted by all the party’s and to be fair I think he’s endorsed Fine Gael and Sinn Fein candidates in the past while his mother was a Labour TD. So there’s political blood in him and he has a hard neck.
This time I think no one’s laughing. O’Carroll says he would support the banks, increase tax on consumption something which would impact enormously on large families on social welfare and also bring in a 10% income tax. Where would the money come to pay the public service? He didn’t explain. Interestingly he hinted at possible tax issues for himself as he’s in the middle of an audit, but sure he wouldn’t be the first TD who found the tax code challenging.

Personally Brendan O'Carroll's type of humour doesn't appeal to me but this morning he brought a smile to my face. I seem to remember Brendan a number of years ago about to launch an airline that would link internally Irish regional airports but then Aer Aran beat him to that. The response from listeners seemed mixed and later the comment was made that Ben Dunne and himself would run the country properly. Ben flagged recently his interest in running for Europe. I wonder what they’d say to a recently unemployed worker and spouse with 2 children, mortgage to pay who is waiting 8 weeks for his jobseekers benefit to come through. Taxing the likes of him at the same rate as those who’re wealthy won’t solve our problems. He may find out that the easy bit is getting elected it's then the real work starts.

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BladeRunner said...

That's all we need....another comedian in the Dail.
What we do need are informed and suitably qualified people in Leinster House and not comedians, GAA medal winners, and self interested politians.
I listened with interest to Dr Brian Lucey speaking at the Labour Party Economic Summit last Saturday when he said that less then 10% of the employees in the Financial Regulators Office had a qualification in either economics or accountancy, and to add insult to injury neither does Brian Lenihan, no wonder the country is in financial ruin. I wonder how much Brendan O'Carroll knows about the workings international banking and what his plans are for our economic recovery.
It appears to me that popularity alone gets a politian elected in this country and very little consideration is given to the ability of that person to do the job. No wonder the bankers have run rings around our politians and the reason for this is simple....they're better qualified.