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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ryan welcomes household charge waiver clarification

Labour Wexford Councillor Joe Ryan says that residents who live in over 75 unfinished estates in Co Wexford will qualify for a waiver towards their household charge. Cllr Ryan say’s it is clarification for many who recently bought their homes and were disappointed when contractors didn’t complete the work. Homeowners in estates like Strandfield Manor, Ard Chuain, Cluain Aoibhinn and Ard Uisce in Wexford town will have the charge waived provided they log on and register at or visit the office of Wexford Borough Council at Spawell Rd. Cllr Ryan said he was surprised at how many estates in Wexford had these charges waived as these estates are not ghost estates builders have deserted with just a handful of residents in situ but estates with significant numbers of houses occupied that may have just a small number s of dwellings to be finished off.

Cllr Ryan also pointed out that exemptions also apply to those who rent from the local authority, are in houses owned by a voluntary housing association, live over a rateable premises or rent privately. Cllr Ryan also said that the charge only applies to property owners and that anyone renting a private property who was levied the charge by a landlord should immediately contact the Private Rented Tenancy Board and lodge a complaint. The charge for 2012 is €100 and results from conditions attached to the Memorandum of Understanding entered into by the last government with the EU/IMF/ECB troika that required a local contribution towards local authority spending. Troika loans needed to fund the exchequer until 2013.”

Cllr Ryan said that there has been much scare mongering about this charge and that house owners should firstly check whether they are in fact liable for the charge in the first place. Householders have until March 31st to register for the charge. “I welcome the decision by Wexford Borough Council to make it easy for people to pay by setting up a standing order to pay just €25 every 3 months. I accept that household budgets are tight. A standing order will make it easier and less stressful to stretch the payment out over 12 months provided you register before March 31st.”

Cllr Ryan ended “I hope that this clarification provided to me by the Department of the Environment will give certainty to homeowners. This money will be allocated to local authorities for the delivery of local services.

End of statement

Contact to verify 087-6149350

Note; Full list of estates in Co Wexford below

An Caislean Bridgetown South Bridgetown Wexford An tOilean Craanford Gorey Wexford

Ard Chuain Pembrokestown Wexford Wexford Ard Na Slaine Newtown Road Wexford Wexford

Ard Uisce Pembrokestown Wexford Wexford Ashfield Blackwater Enniscorthy Wexford

Aughermon Ballymitty Wellingtonbridge Wexford Aylesbridge Riverchapel Gorey Wexford

Ballaghboy Clogh Gorey Wexford Ballybeg Ferns Enniscorthy Wexford

Ballywilliam Ballynestragh Gorey Wexford Barnlands Ballynestragh Gorey Wexford

Barr na Haille Ballyaddragh Rosslare Harbour Wexford Bellville Mountgarrett New Ross Wexford

Berryfields Ferns Enniscorthy Wexford Carrick Bannow Bannow Wexford

Carrig Beg Danecastle Bannow Wexford Carrig Lawn Coolcotts Lane Wexford Wexford

Carrigmacogue Park Bree Enniscorthy Wexford Chapel Wood Kilmuckridge Gorey Wexford

Church Wood Kilrane Rosslare Harbour Wexford Churchtown Court Kilrane Rosslare Harbour Wexford

Civic Centre The Avenue Gorey Wexford Clos Na Ri Coolcotts Lane Wexford Wexford

Cluain Aoibhinn Clonard Road Wexford Wexford Cluain Dara Clonard Road Wexford Wexford

Coill Na Guise Ballytegan Park Gorey Wexford Cuan Aoibhinn Rosslare Strand Rosslare Strand Wexford

Cul Na Greine Kilrane Rosslare Harbour Wexford Daeglen Ballywilliam Gorey Wexford

Elderwood Ballytramon Castlebridge Wexford Fairfields Adamstown Enniscorthy Wexford

Fermoyle Manor Killanerin Gorey Wexford Glen Cove Glenrichards, Poulshone Gorey Wexford

Glenaoibhinn Riverchapel Gorey Wexford Glor Na Gaoithe Cleariestown South Cleariestown Wexford

Grange Kilmore Village Kilmore Wexford Grange Lough Rosslare Strand Rosslare Strand Wexford

Hollyfield Bridgetown South Bridgetown Wexford Hunters Green Creagh Demesne Gorey Wexford

Meadow Fields The Moyne Enniscorthy Wexford Oldtown Court Clongeen Village Clongeen Wexford

O’Rahilly View Gusserane New Ross Wexford Pairc Na Bearna Drumgoold Enniscorthy Wexford

Parkton Mews Parnell Road Enniscorthy Wexford Plan Ref 20012862 Poulmarl Taghmon Wexford

Plan Ref 20045011 Tombrack, Ferns Enniscorthy Wexford Plan Ref 20053131 (Old Forest) Clongeen Village Clongeen Wexford

Plan Ref 20053171 (Clonard Village Centre) Clonard Wexford Wexford Plan Ref 20053818 Cushenstown, Carnagh New Ross Wexford

Plan Ref 20054148 (Old Forest) Ryland Upper Bunclody Wexford Plan Ref 20060070 Kilbride, The Ballagh Enniscorthy Wexford

Plan Ref 20061947 Askamore Gorey Wexford Plan Ref 20063097 Templetown New Ross Wexford

Plan Ref 20064302 Kiltra, Bannow Wellington Bridge Wexford Plan Ref 20080033 St Martins Road Rosslare Harbour Wexford

Plan Ref 982651 (Hookless Village) Fethard – on Sea New Ross Wexford Plan Ref NR 03/53 North Quay New Ross Wexford

Portside Ballygillane Big Rosslare Harbour Wexford Ramsgrange Rathroe New Ross Wexford

Riverchapel Wood Ballintray Upper Riverchapel Wexford Sarshill Kilmore Quay Kilmore Wexford

Scholars Rest Hollyfort Gorey Wexford Shelbourne Place Campile New Ross Wexford

Shrule Kilcomb Gorey Wexford Sliabh Adharc Milehouse Road Enniscorthy Wexford

Starvehall Drinagh Wexford Wexford Station Court The Avenue Gorey Wexford

Stonebridge Paul Quay Wexford Wexford Strandfield Manor Spawell Road Wexford Wexford

Templar’s Way Clonlard Fethard on Sea Wexford The Oaks, Knockavootha Ballynestragh Gorey Wexford

The Rise Ballyminaun Hill Gorey Wexford Walsheslough Rosslare Wexford Wexford

Waterside Close Askamore Gorey Wexford Whitebrook Pembrokestown Wexford Wexford


Anonymous said...

You are not correct when you say that people who live over a rateable premises are not liable.
The act says that a dwelling is not liable if it is wholly used as dwellings and is liable for commercial rates.

Unknown said...

I will accept your view househusband. It was my understanding that those who live over the shop or in the same building as the business were exempt as they were already paying commercial rates