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Saturday, October 11, 2008

WBC needs to see the signs!

Wexford County Council recently opened a new affordable development for first time buyers close to Wexford Racecourse. Residents are particularly delighted with these houses and the estate's location. The estates comprise about 20 houses maximum and are set on streets off the main link road. The estates contain cycle paths, custom built bus stops, and a mix of detached two bed single storey units and 3 bed semi-d’s. As an indication of how recent the estate is the link road leading to the estates has not been named yet.
The road is designed to take traffic from Coolcotts Lane directly to Newtown Road. The surface is great and there’s the rub. When you turn into the estate you’re inclined to speed up. The speed limit is 60 KmPH but there’s no reminder signs. There's no stop signs at the exit and no warning signs as to left or right hand turns. While the road is well marked there are no signs on the road to indicate turns or children at play. I’ve asked Wexford Borough Council to look into the matter and to install these signs in the interest of public safety. I understand that the Borough Engineer is to report back on this soon.

I don' believe that you should be able to drive from Newtown Road to Coolcotts Lane without seeing a signpost but click to see a brief video of what a drive past these estates is like.

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