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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Wexford Decides 2009, Labour gains

This morning in Dun Mhuire the ballot boxes were opened and the counting started. I was there for 9 and the first of the votes tumbled from the boxes. The tallymen set to work with their forecasts as to how the result might pan out. The picture is of counting and checking in progress. Last night after polls close the Labour candidates met to pour over how things went. I thought turnout could have been better. On our analysis the newer parts of town didn’t come out to the same extent as older more established parts.
On the available tallies today I’m happy that I’ve increased my vote beyond 2004 and that I’ll be re-elected. What really excites me is that George Lawlor will top the poll and that he will also take a seat in the County Council. Even better news is that Pat Cody will certainly take a seat on Enniscorthy Town Council and Bobby Ireton is looking good for a County seat in Gorey. Ollie Sommers is polling well in New Ross but there’s still a long way to go there. I hate to say I told you so but if you look at my blog I did forecast these results. Theresa Walsh also looks set to take Tommy Carr’s seat. This has been a remarkable election for Labour, its likely that we may come out of it with a minimum of 3 county councillors and 9 Borough or Town Councillors. Lets see what happens on later counts.

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Unknown said...

Well Done Joe, Congratulations and best wishes for the next term. My thanks to you for keeping vigilence on the planning applications in your area. I know that my parents are very appreciative of it as residents.